Style in step

hand knotted honey bloomfield rug

Design: Bloomfield, Color: Honey

Through an ongoing collaboration with the Tiger Rug Co we have applied the ideas, styles and techniques that we developed for our glass and mosaic work to their exquisite, heirloom quality Tibetan Himalayan wool and silk carpets. Each piece is ethically hand-crafted in Nepal and sure to add a unique, captivating element to your home.

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Hand knotted crawford rug

Design: Crawford

Hand knotted pinecrest rug

Design: Pinecrest, Color: Slate

Hand knotted garden design rug

Design: Garden, Color: Prairie

Hand knotted charcoal wisteria rug

Design: Wisteria, Color: Charcoal

Hand knotted steel gray dogwood rug

Design: Dogwood, Color: Steel Grey

Hand knotted garden prairie rug

Design: Garden, Color: Prairie

Hand knotted taupe wisteria rug

Design: Wisteria, Color: Taupe

Hand knotted garden rug

Design: Crawford, Color: Driftwood

Design: Pinecrest, Color: Slate

Hand knotted white jade wisteria rug

Design: Wisteria, Color: White Jade

Hand knotted midnight dogwood rug

Design: Dogwood, Color: Midnight

Hand knotted stonewash dogwood rug

Design: Dogwood, Color: Stonewash